Frequently Asked Questions

What is web hosting?
Web hosting means that you are setting up your site on a server that is accessible from any internet enabled computer.

What's a DNS?
The protocol used by the Domain Name System to be able to identify a friendly name to the address of the server hosting your site.

How can I buy my domain?
You can buy it yourself from any reseller or we can set you up for the entire process.

What does it mean to transfer a domain?
It means that you "move" the ownership, we call it safe-guarding, of your domain from one account to us. We recommend that we take care of your domain and take care of the entire process but you can keep it in your own account. If you decide to change companies for any reason, we will simply transfer it back.

How do I transfer my domain?
It can be "pushed" if it is purchased in the same registrar as ours, but we can also initiate a transfer.

What is a hosting plan?
We can provide a hosting solution tailored to your needs. Certain sites can live in a shared hosting, that is they may share a server with anoother web site, but totally independent of each other. Or we can set you up with a dedicated server either Windows or Linux. We also offer MySQL and SQL Server 2008, also shared or dedicated.


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